Victorious Spirit Tae Kwon Do and Street Defense Training

Victorious Spirit Tae Kwon Do and Street Defense Training is a ministry to help others grow in relationship with Jesus Christ, the Son of God, while building confidence through physical and self-defense training.  Even though the we live in a fallen world, we can learn to live securely and confidently. Even an individual has been the victim of violence in their past can learn to move beyond their history to live with hope. Through the memorization and study of God’s Word and the physical training, we aim to help the student realize their God given abilities and help them reach their full potential through an increase in their confidence levels. This will allow them to stand tall and face any battle that comes at them with their head held high because they know and rest in the knowledge that their Heavenly Father is with them always.

On Tuesdays from 5pm to 6pm the training will geared towards those age 4 to 10. Those older than 10 can attend the training, but it will be more active and focused on the younger ones. At 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursday the class for those 10 and older will begin. 


There is no cost for the training. Class / Training is FREE and the class runs off donations to purchase equipment and other items needed for training and rank advancement. The current cost (as of February 2020) for the uniform is $15 to $25 (depending on style,) and class shirt $7 and if a student can afford to reimburse the church’s cost for the uniform, that would be wonderful. If a student shows continued dedication to training but is unable to afford a uniform, we will make sure they are supplied with a uniform.

What To Wear

Please wear t-shirts and loose fitting athletic pants until such time as a uniform is obtained. Please make sure the clothing worn for training is cleaned between training sessions and that nails are properly groomed to help prevent injury. Jewelry and items in your pocket or on your person shall be removed prior to class to prevent injury to yourself and others. Shoes will not be worn during class.

For the younger class, ages 4 through 9,  the martial art uniforms will be blue. For those 10 and older the uniform will be black. Uniforms can be obtained through the class. 

What To Expect

Training will include Bible studies and memorization of scripture. The Tae Kwon Do portion will include learning Korean terminology. Students who sign up for the training are expected to conduct their lives with integrity and will not in any way use the training they receive to cause undue harm to another. Any use of the training will be in defense of self or others. Any other use may result in dismissal from class and removal of rank.   

During the training you will notice that we will bow to each other and to higher ranks. This bowing is not in worship because we worship God, the King of kings and Lord of lords. The bowing is a form of showing respect, much like a salute in the armed forces. 

Tae Kwon Do requires dedication and discipline to be able to advance to higher ranks. This discipline benefits many aspects of life, including one’s relationship with God. The training will include memorization of Scripture as well as Bible Studies. God requires His children to live justly, love mercy and walk humbly with Him, and His Word teaches us how to accomplish that. Without the study of Scripture the training would be incomplete. If we acknowledge God in ALL of our ways, He will direct our paths. We need His wisdom and guidance to survive this life and not just survive, but to be the light that He has called us to be.                                                         

In class we use Gracie Combatives and other Gracie curriculum available on DVD to help those who train develop the skills needed to handle an attack where they are taken to the ground and still think clearly enough to neutralize it without having to cause physical damage to the assailant. We are all still learning the techniques, and if you choose to train, we will learn them together. No one in the class is an instructor for Jiu Jitsu or Gracie Jiu Jitsu, we use the curriculum from their DVD’s to help us be more well-rounded self-defense students. We also utilize other non Tae Kwon Do self-defense moves acquired from various sources (other Martial Arts and street self-defense training) to help make sure those who train with us are safe on the street.

Rank Advancement

In Tae Kwon Do, the students will be required to at least have attended 30 class before they will be considered for rank advancement. The 30 classes is just an evaluation point. They will have to know the required techniques and be proficient in them to be considered eligible to test at the next scheduled testing.

How to Be Involved

Come join us, complete registration paperwork (for juveniles the legal guardian needs to complete it) and begin! See church address section of webpage for directions. 

For members of the church wishing to help out, here are ways you can be involved: We, the class and especially the instructor, need your prayers. We always can use help with adding students emergency contact information to Microsoft excel sheet, filing paperwork and occasional inventory of uniforms and belts. We also frequently celebrate Birthdays with ice cream sandwiches and fruit. Any of those left in the Fellowship Hall Kitchen with tags for use for Warriors would be put to good use!