Each is a reflection of what we believe God has called our church to be.

Biblically Driven

The Bible is our guide to understanding God, His work and His will; we will respect it, study it and obey it.

Christ Centered

Everything we are and do, centers around Jesus Christ and what He did for us. 

Ministry Sharing

Serving Christ is a team sport; for His sake we must train together, work together and sacrifice together as a team.

Mission Minded

Our focus is on growing the kingdom, starting with this church, and reaching to the ends of the earth.

Sacrificial Stewardship

In gratitude for Jesus’ sacrifice, we will be sacrificial with our devotion, obedience and resources.

Christlike Humility

We will experience joy in serving Jesus by serving others, both in the church and in the community

Providential Growth

We will rejoice in God-given growth, both in the depth of believers and in the magnitude of His Kingdom