Sermon 3-29-20

Welcome to our online services. Below is a link to a YouTube video. You can watch the entire thing beginning to end this time with no stopping. There are other improvements as well. In the YouTube Description there are time stamps you can click on to quickly find different portions of the worship.

Remember that your financial support of the church is more important now than ever. You can mail your tithe checks to First Baptist Church, PO Box 8822, Fort Mohave, AZ 86427. Or have your bank’s bill pay option send it. Alternatively you can also drop an offering off at the office 9-5 Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Other times call ahead to verify someone is present. This week we also added an Online Giving option.

March 29, 2020 – Online Worship

If you viewed this at home, let us know that you saw it. We will get better at it over time, and we appreciate your faithfulness to give God praise.