Is Covid the End?

In the last couple of weeks I have received a couple of different recorded messages from different preachers around the country spelling out the manner in which the Corona Virus, the resulting COVID-19 and the handling of these things is the onset of the last days.  I would like to take a few minutes to respond to these things. 

The one that I spent more time on was using evidence that if you take the letters of Corona and add them up by count it totals 666.  I skipped right over that as I listened and then realized that is impossible and backed up to check what they did.  It turns out that if you add up all the letters it will come out to 66.  Then you take the fact that there are six letters as the final six in order to make 666. 

I wonder why if this is a sign from God, He would only give it to English speaking peoples?  You see it would work out differently in other languages.  Corona in English is coroa in Portuguese, couronne in French, and korona in Swedish.  Not to mention that other languages have different numbers of letters in the alphabet.  Basically whenever someone tries to prove the coming of the antichrist based on the English alphabet, I dismiss it.  I don’t think God or the devil are that Anglocentric.

He went on to talk about how the patent for a tattoo ID chip was patent number 060606.  He went on to say that that COVID stood for Certificate Of Vaccination ID.  And that 19 was, back to counting the English alphabet, AI which you all know stands for artificial intelligence.  So he come to the conclusion that the preparations were underway for giving the lost world the mark of the beast and believers can expect to be raptured out of here any day now. 

I have a better idea.  Be ready to be raptured out of here at any time because that is how your Savior told you to live.  All the time and not just in times when the world is in turmoil.  Yes we should know the signs of the times.  But, any sermon which wants to show me the signs of the times had better refer a whole lot to Scripture and rely a bit less on unnamed internet sources. 

I do believe that Christians need to be leery of several political ideas floating around and proclaimed to be the saviors of humanity: socialism, humanism, Sciencism and the like.  There is only one Savior of society and His name is Jesus. I believe Christians need to be leery of several technological constructs such as chip identification. I am famously doubtful about tattoos, no matter how small.

So if you are listening close I am not saying that Jesus isn’t coming soon.  I hope He is.  I am not saying He is coming soon, because I really don’t know when He will come.  What I am saying is check your Bibles and not your internet.  There absolutely will be a time when antichrist comes.  There will also be a time when Jesus Christ returns to set up His Kingdom. 

It seems apparent to me that God is at work doing something very significant in our days.  Don’t be caught sleeping, or hiding.  But rather be caught serving and growing the kingdom.


Responding to Racism

June 11, 2020