Extending Restricted Services

Whereas we have not heard from Governor Ducey yet, whether he will extend his stay at home order. Whereas the number of cases is still increasing in our region. Whereas our previous commitment will expire in the next few days and the congregation needs to know what to expect. Extended services will be extended at least two more weeks.

This means that May 3 and Mothers Day May 10 we will continue to be on restricted services. We may well continue to be on restricted services longer than this. Decisions will be made based on recommendations from the state and the current rate of infection in the Bullhead City area.

In the meantime, some work is going into determining what our best approach will be to returning to congregational worship, small group Bible studies, weekday prayer meetings, ministry team activities and more. We seriously the need to return to ministry. And at the same time we take seriously the need to be good citizens and to protect the safety of participants.

We will update you as soon as possible.