End of Summer Updates

This summer has been truly unusual. Let me talk about where we are as a church.

We have been meeting in the fellowship hall for quite a while now. The reason is this setting allows for social distancing between families. Slowly we are moving back toward more normal events and activities.

We will continue moving in that direction as the situation calls for it.

As of right now the number of local cases has decreased significantly with the number of new cases each day being in the single digits. This does not mean that it will have to stay this way, of course, so we are trying not to get carried away as we move toward normal.

There is also two facts that have to be kept in mind as we make decisions. First our church, like our community is full of senior adults. Even though the cases are less, these are the people who are most at risk from the disease. The second consideration is that many of our people are still genuinely frightened about doing normal things. We are doing our best to keep these considerations in mind as much as possible. If local cases climb up again we can always roll back as necessary.

But we also have an increasing current of emotion that wants to get back to living our lives. All of life is unsafe. We should be willing to run the same risks or more to worship our God and Savior as we do to get food and income.

Therefore we have started allowing midweek Bible studies to resume. We have slowly been implementing food events. With current numbers in worship we will likely need to either decrease the distance between chairs, or add a second worship service soon. Come and join us.



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