Easter Updates

We are committed to staying on restricted services until the end of April. We will make a determination when to return to normal operations and what steps to take along the way as more information comes in about the state of the virus.

What does it mean to be on restricted services

We are encouraging everyone to stay home and worship at home. This can of course be done with yourself and a Bible. Reading aloud, singing songs you know by heart. But to help we are posting worship services, Bible studies and more which can be viewed by anyone having internet access. However, there are a few individuals without any such access who will be unable to worship, therefore we have allowed a very few to view these videos at church beginning at 9:30 on Sundays. Strict social distancing is in place. The last two weeks the number of attenders has been 4 people. If the number increases beyond what is safe we will cancel the service until whatever time it is safe to resume t

Easter SonRise Service

We will be hosting our annual Easter SonRise Service beginning at 6:00 AM on Easter Sunday, April 12. For this service, come prepared to never leave your car. When you arrive you will be given a sheet of paper with all the Bible verses and songs printed on it. You will be instructed where to park. If you have a tithe or offering the parking attendants will be able to receive it form you. Before service begins tune your car radio to FM 88.3 in order to hear the service. In this manner you will be able to worship while maintaining safe distancing, and as an added bonus you can control the volume yourself.

Easter Worship

The regular morning worship service will continue to be restricted as described above.



Palm Sunday

March 28, 2020