COVID 19 Update

We will continue with our normal services and events severely restricted this week. You are encouraged to worship with us by clicking on the portion of the sermons page off of the staff tab. Or by following that link.

Our anticipation is that we will return to service on schedule, that is to say April 5, which is Palm Sunday. This however may well change. Please be patient and attentive and we will let you know.

It is my current thought that if the virus is beginning to move, with confirmed cases in our valley, that I will delay a return to normal services even longer, or if that occurs after a return to service that we may take another break. No matter what happens pray for me as I make these decisions that they will be led by God.

At the same time, I am working on possible ways to praise and worship that might be unusual but still meaningful for Easter Son Rise Service. At this point, I don’t feel confident saying that normal services will take place at Easter, but I am still planning and preparing so that if possible we will be ready.

The world has changed fast, but God still reigns. It will likely continue to change, and God will always deserve praise no matter what happens.

If you are fearful, questioning or just need to talk to someone feel free to call the church. I would be happy to pray with you, point you to Jesus or simply share some encouragement with you.


Corona Virus Restrictions

March 24, 2020

Palm Sunday

March 28, 2020