Corona Virus Response

As most of you know the corona virus is continuing to spread.  This raises understandable concern for the congregation of our church.  Allow me to give some basic instruction, common sense ideas, based on the most current information I am aware of. 

We should always be careful about health and transmission of illness.  This is true for corona virus, but is also true for the flu and other transmittable illnesses.  So far, you are far more likely to catch and pass along the flu than corona virus, and it can also be dangerous.  The same precautions should be maintained for any transmittable illness, virus, flu or cold. 

Here are some suggestions:

  1. If you know you are sick, don’t come to church.  Contact your doctor to get checked out and let the church know so we can add you to the prayer list. 
  2. If you have no reason to think you are sick, don’t stay home.  Isolation and fear are also unhealthy, so balance your response and avoid extremes. 
  3. Refrain from handshakes and hugs.  Greetings can be reduced to verbal greetings and waves.
  4. We will attempt to keep hand sanitizer in the lobby.  Soap and paper towels at sinks.  Please use these things often. 

If you are staying home, here are some important ways you can still participate. 

  1. You can hear God’s Word by listening to the recent sermons on the church website. 
  2. You can study your Bible Study lesson by taking home and reading your quarterly.
  3. You can continue to financially support the church, either mailing in checks or using your banks online bill pay.

Trust the Lord in all things, including this pandemic.  He has a purpose for everything, including negative circumstances.  In the face of negative circumstances, we can make our situation better and watch out for each other by utilizing common sense.