2021 – Year of possibilities

It has been quite a while since I posted anything in this column. Perhaps because the situation at the church has not changed greatly. Perhaps also because I have been busy dealing with the normal issues of being a pastor and forgot to put anything here.

Perhaps its time I do. The country has been through a lot. I don’t believe that will change just because we switch to a new calendar. But I do think that if we pray, seek God, faithfully do what we can. We will see God move.

At this time I am asking everyone to wear a mask at all times at all events except TKD. But even there it would be wise for spectators to be wearing masks.

Regarding the church, and our COVID response, we are continuing to worship in the fellowship hall. This allows us to separate every family group by six foot. Besides a lot of our people have grown to really like worshiping in the hall.

Bible studies are meeting again, and we are attempting to keep each class small enough that there is room to distance even in the class rooms.

We have been holding the coffee fellowship at 9:00 am before Bible study. However there are no tables set up so there might be more coffee than fellowship.

We have purchased new equipment for live streaming and are still in process. This allows us to live stream to a you tube channel once again, which we think will be the best way to put the services out there. We are still making improvements to this process.

I don’t know when the next change will take place. I was considering removing some restrictions after 5 days of the Bullhead City cases being below 20. Then the next day it was over 150. I remember thinking that if the cases got this high I would tighten up restrictions. But I am hesitant to do so when the numbers are so illogical.

If you are attending the services or one of the Bible studies please continue to do so. But by all means be safe. If you are sick, no matter what type of sickness you think it is, stay home. If you know you have been around someone who was positive, stay home. If you can attend, wear your mask.

If you are staying home, watch the You Tube channel. New videos life stream and then are archived for watching later if you prefer.